Monday, September 28, 2009

Living In A Dream: Boston, MA

I've always thought

that it would be really cool

to live in a loft

the wide open space

plenty of room to do cartwheels!

This loft is in Boston, MA - I went there a few years ago, with my beau and a few of our friends. To say we had a wonderful time would be a vast understatement. We had the best time ever! It will be a trip that we all will never forget! I would love to spend some more time there, especially in this awesome loft! Take a moment and check out the rest of the rooms, they're wonderful. (well, if I really were to buy it, I would definitely remodel the bathroom) Awesome Boston Loft


Simone said...

Wow, this is beautifully done isn't it, very stylish.

I love the idea of a loft too....if I was single or just and living in NYC.....somehow it just doesn't work for me with 2 children! So much potential with a loft space I always think.


Cathi said...

I know Simone, this one is beautifully done. I'd make some minor changes but I just love the open feel.

It would be fun for a romantic weekend getaway...

Have a great day!

Simone said...

We need to have a day together Cathi, don't we!!! Chatting, chatting and more chatting....and then movies :) Perfect!

Thank you so much for the posts you left me today -I was just about to pop over to you and respond and then I spotted your second lovely!

I love that we have things in common, I am very honoured to be in such great company....truly.

I am glad that you enjoyed my SATC guest-blog.....I did laugh at you having to watch it over and over.....enough is enough sometimes isn't it LOL!!

Take care Special Girl :) xo

A.Love said...

I adore Boston. A loft seems so adult and yet youthful to me.
Oh what I wouldn't give to go back to Boston....

Gigi said...

I love these photos! What a great space. I live just north of Boston in a loft (well, when I go back to reality in January that's where I live), and it's a great way to live. We will eventually sell the loft (we've been there five years) and move back to a house because we miss gardening, but there's a lot to love about loft living. There's also a lot to love about Boston!

Have a wonderful day, Cathi! xoxo Gigi

Kristin said...

I have always longed to live in a loft. Just wish I'd done it before we started a fam. Ah ha

Blair said...

Oh my goodness. That loft is amazing!

Heidi said...

Had a great time flipping though your blog. Love the Daddy Dancing Poem. My Dad loved to dance too, he died 11 years ago of cancer. Your friend did a great job with the poem, very healing. Thanks, Heidi

Simply Colette said...

I've always wanted to live in a loft too! Especially if it had rustic wood floors, unfinished, maybe even gray. I love the Anthropologie floors. Almost went to college in Boston too. I've only been there for a weekend to check out colleges way back when... :)

Liz said...

this loft is absolutely stunning! love those hard woods. I would love to stay there for a romantic weekend getaway!!

Tracy said...

What a beautiful place! I've only been to Boston once, but I loved it and hope to go back someday.

Cathi said...

SIMONE - You have my heart!

A.LOVE - Boston is a wonderful town! I would love to go back.

GIGI - Wow...can I borrow your life for a bit, it sounds amazing....Love Boston!

KRISTIN - you can always make it a romantic getaway someday!

BLAIR - that was my thought when I first found these pictures...amazing!

HEIDI - Thank you so much, I will forward that compliment to my awesome friend. She literally walked me thru the first several weeks of my dad's death along with many other friends - love them all! I'm sorry about your dad...aren't dancing dad's fun?

SIMPLY COLETTE - we do have alot in common....very cool! My daughter wanted to go to Boston to college but since changed her mind. She wants to go visit though.

LIZ - I know what you mean, I want to stay there too...maybe the people that buy it will let us all stay a few nights...haha..:)

TRACY - It is gorgeous...hey maybe we can meet up in Boston sometime...XXOO


Lori said...

I have always wanted to live in a loft ~ I think it comes with watching way too much TV!! Loving this space Cathi ~ simply gorgeous!

Porchlight Interiors said...

What an amazing loft - I just love the barstools! Happy weekend! Tracey xx


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