Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Living In A Dream: Vancouver, BC

Isn't it beautiful!
Of course I would stay in the Presidential Suite

Kick up my feet after all that shopping on Robson Street

After dining out, I would return to hotel for a lovely dessert

And to work off that dessert, I'd need some good exercise!

The last time I was in Vancouver was when they had the World's Fair. I believe it was about 23 years ago. We stayed at the Downtown Sheraton, where they had the revolving restaurant 42 floors up - it was such a gorgeous 360 view of Vancouver. I'm not sure if it's still the Sheraton at this point however. A few of the highlights of my trip all those years ago was - Princess Diana and Prince Charles were visiting the World's Fair - so they had the monorail closed off at points and at the Fair, whatever exhibitions they were going to were closed off for an hour or so before their arrival. But one day I waited to get a glimpse of them, and when they finally arrived - I was literally about 10 feet away from them and Princess Diana was so lovely - very gracious and so beautiful. And Prince Charles - he was very charming too. Another highlight was my 5 yr old son, Matt. He had been such a trooper hauling all over the World's Fair with 6 adults all day and night. We finally found an Italian Restaurant near our hotel at about 10 pm at night to eat dinner. I looked over at Matt a bit after we got our food and he had fallen asleep holding onto a piece of pizza - half in his mouth. I wish I could find my pictures of those times - but they aren't to be found. Looking forward to my next visit to Vancouver, British Columbia - it is such a fun and lively city!

(Photo via The Sutton Place Hotel)


Simply Colette said...

You sold me with the chocolate cake! I've always wanted to go there. Someday... :)

Cathi said...

Simply Colette -It is so much fun there and I hope to get back there someday SOON! And the chocolate is the icing on a very awesome cake! :)

Anonymous said...

I am lucky enough to live in Vancouver although some days I questions why as it so expensive! The hotel you stayed in is still around although it is no longer the sherat on - it's the Empire Landmark! And there is still plenty of chocolate cake and other fabulous treats to be shared!


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