Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Living in a Dream: My Paris Apartment

Would you care to join me for some coffee or perhaps a cocktail in my Paris Apartment with views of The Seine River? Wouldn't this be a lovely place to start your day? If only.....
(Photo via here)


Andi said...

That is my dream, an apt on the Seine in Paris! maybe we can be neighbors!

Anonymous said...

Oh sighhhhhhh, absolutely gorgeous. It's never too late though even if it's just a short vacation?

cathi said...

Andi - here's to dreams! We'll have each other over for cocktails or coffee..:)

Michelle - That would be a fun place for a vacation - even if it would have to be a short one...

Anonymous said...

Can you give more information please?
Did you actually stay here?

Want to book for holiday in Feb.,2013 for my husband and I.
Adore your blog.


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