Everyday Matinees For Seniors is a 501(c)3 non profit organization that was founded by Cathi Nunn in 2006, after her father Fred Gunther was murdered in Plantation, Florida. Cathi started this organization to honor Fred’s memory as he was such a fun loving, vibrant man who lived a life full of new learning experiences and adventures despite his age. This is what Everyday Matiness For Seniors wishes for seniors everywhere, to keep the wonder and excitement in their lives no matter where they live or what their circumstances. So many seniors are not always able to have family and friends around on a daily basis. Everyday Matinee's for Seniors is a program that provides seniors with a free mobile movie lending library in which they can check out as many movies as they would like on a bi-weekly basis. That also gives the seniors time to chat with our awesome volunteers while checking out movies.  With the help of Everyday Matinees For Seniors and our wonderful volunteers, we hope to wipe out loneliness and isolation in the lives of many seniors in the San Fernando Valley with smiles, laughter and love and great conversation!

If you are interested in donating a movie, television show, documentary dvd or gift cards to Amazon.com, Barnes & Noble or Target - our address is: Everyday Matinees for Seniors, Attn: Cathi Nunn, 20969 Ventura Blvd., Suite 204, Woodland Hills, California 91364. If you have any questions, feel free to email me at cathinunn@gmail.com  Our Federal Tax ID number is: 20-5395231.

In Loving Memory
Fred Gunther

Nov. 6, 1929-Feb. 24, 2006

On February 24, 2006 - I lost my dad in a horrific manner, a fact that my family and I have to live with the rest of our lives. But what no one can take away from us is that he lived a very full, vibrant and happy life and I am so thankful to have had him in my life for as long as I did, the memory of him always makes me smile. My dad was one of the reasons that I wanted to start this organization, as he was a prime example of living life to it’s fullest no matter what age you are. Here is a little insight into the man that I proudly call my dad:
He was a great mentor as a Little League coach for many years. The strongest trait Fred had was his ability and insight to help others strive to reach their fullest potential. He was forever the optimist and was always the first to reach out and shake a new friend’s hand. His smiling face and easy ways will always be remembered.
He enjoyed traveling all over the world, particularly Switzerland, where his parents were born. He loved to dance, and this opened many avenues in which his dancing and traveling the world worked well together. “Have shoes, will dance” was his motto. Among the other activities he enjoyed was softball, golf, shooting pool and running track. He passed down his love of golf and baseball to his children and grandchildren. As a hurdler and sprinter, he went to Japan to compete in the Senior Olympics. He won many medals in Senior Track meets around the United States. Another activity he enjoyed was repairing and rebuilding houses. He was never one to sit still - he lived each day to the fullest. Throughout his life, he was a renaissance man in which there was always something new to learn and enjoy. He spent his last years learning Spanish and taking computer classes.
Although he was very active, his one passion in life was his love for his family and friends. Once or twice a year, Fred and his brothers and sisters would reunite from all parts of the United States to be together as a family once more. He could always find the time to be with loved ones, and this is what has been the hardest part, not having him with us all. He is truly missed, but the memory of his smile and laughter will always be with us.

Enjoy each day to the fullest,


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