Monday, October 5, 2009

Living In A Dream: New York, New York


of some awesome living spaces

in a town that has captured my heart !

What a joy to have the whole city to roam

and then come home to these lovely spaces!


The past two summers for one week,

I was very blessed to call this gorgeous place my home

What a lovely place to come home to each night,

to reminisce about all the amazing people we met from all

over the world, and all the fantastic adventures we had!

I was truly living a fabulous dream here!

Waldorf Astoria

But truthfully, no matter where you are

as long as you are with people that make

your heart sing, you are living your dream!


jociegal said...

Uhm - wow. I envy you at this moment in time - is that bad? What a lovely treat!

Lori said...

A little jealous you got to stay at the Waldorf! You know how much I loved visiting NYC too ~ loving these spaces in Greenwich too!

Madeleine said...

wow, lucky lady!

Simone said...



olivia rae said...

omg, i am determined to live in new york.. it such a magical city. those are all beautiful living spaces!


Gigi said...

Wow. How gorgeous. I love NY, but have never had the chance to stay there for more than a few days at a time. And the Waldorf--heaven!!! You deserve it, you wonderful girl. xoxo

Mary Jo from TrustYourStyle said...

Oh, you are making me miss NYC! There's nothing better than staying at a plush hotel there and coming home after a wild and wonderful day/night out!


Tracy said...

ME: Green with envy!

Simply Colette said...

Lucky you! That looks fabulous... :) I'm so jealous. Hope you have a good day!

lisa said...

Wow, absolutely amazing. I love NYC- the city is a dream in itself.

Anne @ The City Sage said...

2 weeks at the waldorf astoria? wowee! way to live it up!

i haven't been to NY since we moved away a year ago, and we have a trip planned for november--I'm so excited! visiting new york is MUCH more fun that the daily realities of living there, in my opinion!


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