Thursday, August 27, 2009

Charming Blogs: Chase Simplicity

I came across another Charming Blog. There are just so many out there it is impossible to choose, and honestly I can't tell you how I came about this one, but since she reads a few of my fave blogs also Naturally Nina and A Cup of Jo, I am sure I found her from clicking on their blog links. Her name is Marli and I encourage you to check out her blog: Chase Simplicity. On one of her posts titled Be Eccentric - which was a reprint of an article one of her friends sent her that I think is wonderful, she made the comment that her blog was like her "keep forever file" and that is exactly how I feel about mine. For years I had this wonderful red velvet book that was like my inspiration book - I wrote about things that inspired me, my favorite recipes, put clippings out of catalogs and magazines that I wanted to keep and I would take it out and look at it every now and then and it still makes me smile. Blogging is a wonderful world, even if just a few people read it or thousands read it. It inspires us to be creative, to become better people, to peek into other people's lives and learn about their aspirations and about their cultures, to give inspiration - but most of all it's about having fun while living in some very difficult times. So I hope you have fun checking out this blog and many others!


Anonymous said...

you are so sweet to feature my blog! i am thrilled that you like it. sometimes it feels like am writing to no one. but, i still love doing it!

looking forward to diving into yours and spotting more "charming blogs."

cathi said...

My pleasure, Marli...isn't the blog world fun? :)


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