Monday, August 24, 2009

What Makes Me Smile: Tripping thru Life

Imagine: One 20 yr. old girl in 1978
A one way ticket to St. Thomas from California

Doesn't know a soul.
No place to stay, even for the 1st night

No job lined up
$500 to her name.

What happened to this shy, naive girl?

She found a very cool B&B to stay at for a few weeks,
got a job at a very nice resort, rented a room
from an amazing older woman named M.E.

Made alot of friends, and had the time of her life!

Moral of this story: Life is short, enjoy each moment!


Anonymous said...

Did I know this about you? For some reason I think we talked about it before (although I might had been tipsy from white zin and sprite in a paper cup from behind the bar LOL)

What a great story! Kind of like my plan when I ended up going to France as a nanny ...

Have you been back since?

cathi said...

We probably did talk about it...white zin and sprite in a cup....the necessary means to get thru an evening of waitressing...haha

I would love to take my kids there to show them around...I probably has changed alot in 30 would be fun though.

Red Boots said...

What a wonderful tale! It's so important to do things like this in life. I've done it twice so far: packed up and went and studied in Slovenia for a year (verdict: best year of my life). And a couple of years ago I quit my job and went to work/volunteer and travel in New Zealand for 6 months (verdict: on a par with the best time in my life).

ps: thanks for stopping by at my blog!

cathi said...

Red Boots - That's what life is all about living and learning about different people and cultures and yourself...Happy Traveling...:)


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