Sunday, August 23, 2009

Sunday at The Gelato Bar

I felt like doing a little people watching today, which gave me a great excuse to go to this quaint delicious gelato bar on one of my fave streets in the Valley - Tujunga Ave in Studio City. I was definitely in a dessert mood (which is pretty much ALWAYS ) so I indulged in a medio sized gelato of my fave flavor - Moka Chip. While looking at all their baked goods, I spotted a flourless chocolate crunch cookie with a coffee cream filling - well, a girl has gotta give it a try - WOW! They were scrumptious beyond belief! If you are ever in the area - Tujunga Ave in Studio City between Moorpark and Woodbridge - do yourself a favor and stop by the Gelato Bar for dessert! Oh, about the people watching, they have outdoor seating and it is just about the best place to sit, relax and enjoy!
(Photo via Flickr)


Tracy said...

Oh, yummy! A new place for you to take me! You have found so many good places that I love: Aroma's, the cupcake place and now this!

cathi said...

This is just a few doors down from Aroma's....and very yummy! I am already kicking myself for not bringing home some extra cookies...:)

Michelle @ A Shade of Gray said...

Oh that place looks beautiful! I could imagine sitting with you there and chatting while people watching. I wouldn't be a good person to share flavors with though because we would order the same thing - I am sure of it! LOL

I had coffee ice cream with mini chocolate chips and roasted almonds as cold stone yesterday (the froyo place had a huge line and I didn't think the girls would be patient enough)

cathi said...

Michelle - That would be so nice to sit,chat and people watch with you and there are always many different varieties in the coffee flavor family to share...haha..:)

Andi said...

Since I experienced dark chocolate gelato regular chocolate ice cream just doesn't cut it! So yummy!

cathi said...

Andi - Since I've experienced dark chocolate - no other chocolate cuts it for me anymore...:)


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