Thursday, September 24, 2009

Giveaway Galore!

Kasey at Lola B's is celebrating her 300th post
with a marvelous giveaway - a wonderful gift card to her shop, a gift card to Anthro and a few other very special goodies - this is a giveaway not to miss! So get yourself over there, leave a comment and while you're there make sure you treat yourself to her awesome writings and check out her shop also! Congratulations Kasey on your milestone posting!! Have a wonderful day celebrating!


A.Love said...

Isn't Kasey fabulous?! :)

jociegal said...

Hey - thanks for the intro to that awesome blog!!! I hope your day is well :)

Simply Colette said...

Sounds great! I'll check it out. Thanks! :)

Beach Vintage said...

300 posts is an amazing milestone. I will head over. Have a great weekend.

Brooke Premo said...

Hi there! Thanks for your comment on my blog today.

Wowzers! A gift card to Anthro? Awesome!


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