Monday, October 26, 2009

the holidays are coming...wink, wink...

I came across this artist last week

and I am loving her awesome jewelry

it's just my cup of tea

Not to mention, she has a pretty interesting blog too!

So if any of my family is reading this (major hint coming up)

I adore this jewelry - listed in order of preference.

Where do you get it , did I hear someone say?

It was you, wasn't it mom ....:)

Ok, twist my arm, I will tell you:

Blue Hour Designs

By Alysia Sanchez Melnikov


Jacqueline said...

What lovely pretty ....I just love those delicate silver bracelets....lets hope that all of your family are reading this !!!! XXXX

Lori said...

That is a good hint Cathi ~ I hope someone "gets it". Very lovely indeed.

Tracey said...

Such lovely jewelry Cathi!! I was just telling my husband that I think I will make up my Christmas list this year with things from my friends online shops and etsy...there's just so many amazing things to choose from, why should anyone fight the crowds at the mall?!!

:) T

Cathi said...

JACQUELINE - I love the bracelets too....that's ok if my family is reading...I can enjoy the image without having to actually own it. I am always so impressed at the talent of jewelry makers or any artisian for that matter.

LORI - They are very lovely, wonderful eye candy!

TRACEY - I feel like shopping from all the etsy shops too...there are some amazing finds out there! :)


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