Sunday, November 15, 2009

it's raining kindness...

(photo via here)

Last week I was given a few blog awards

and I would like to say

Thank you so much ladies, you're all the best!

My lovely friend, Lori
bestowed this on me
I truly feel honored.
Thank you so much!

I am supposed to tell you 7
things about me that you
don't know. Which is pretty
hard for me to even think of
so let me try:

I used to be extremely shy, if you
were to meet me today, you probably
wouldn't believe it. I still am shy
in certain situations though.

My favorite number is 8

I was a waitress for 25 years
15 of them in the same very quaint
Italian restaurant. It was perfect
I was available to my kids and
was very involved at their schools
and then I worked 4-5 hours
in the evening.

I wanted to build a log cabin many
many years ago. But I truly
am a city girl at heart. I would
love to stay in one someday though

I wrote 2 children's book that were read by
a major publisher, many years ago
but they passed on it.I felt very
honored that I even got that far.

My kids are 9 years and 11 months apart.
One of my best high school friends died in
childbirth when my son Matt was 4 and it
really devastated me and scared me, so
I waited a long time - a wait well worth it
as my life would not have been complete
without my daughter Stephanie in it.
My kids are my everything!

I have had around 40 jobs in my life.
What can I say, I like variety....haha

I am nominating all of my blogging friends.
I know I am breaking the rules, so
if you are reading this consider yourself
nominated and I want to read seven
things about each one of you! :)

Thank you so much, Simone!

I adore you!

This is from Absolutely Not Martha!

I truly appreciate your kindness!


Jacqueline said...

Well done on your awards and from the lovely Lori and Simone as well.....well deserved. It's so nice to be given a pat on the back sometimes, isn't it ?
..... and it was so nice to learn a little more about you.
Have a great week. XXXX

Gigi said...

Congratulations on your awards! I loved reading your list. I think you must be an incredibly wonderful mum!

xoxo Gigi

P.S. My favorite number is 8, too!

Tracey said...

Oh congrats on all of your awards Cathi!!!!!! How wonderful!

I think you should try again to get that book published, you never know...pretty awesome that you can even say that you wrote and submitted a book BTW!!!!

:) T

Tracy said...

Congrats on your awards! xxoo

Scintilla @ Bell'Avventura said...

Congratulations on your awards. You fully deserve them !
I loved hearing little things about your life...


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