Saturday, December 19, 2009

another christmas memory...

This memory is from one of my fave girls ever, Tracy.
How I met her and her cousin 10 years ago,will be an upcoming
post in the New Year. I don't see Tracy more than
once or twice a year as she lives in Arizona, but I
will be seeing her next month and I can't wait!
Take it away, Tracy:

"This is an easy one for me! It was December 1986, our first Christmas after moving to Arizona. We spent the Holiday at my brother's house in Tucson, and it started snowing around midnight on Christmas Eve. By the time we woke up on Christmas morning it had stopped, but there was enough snow on the ground for a snowman and a snowball fight. By noon it had melted so it turned out to be the perfect snowfall! I still pull this photo out every few years and make a Christmas card with it. It's one of my favorite photos of all time, and it was taken with a camera that used real film. :-) "


Jacqueline said...

What a brilliant photograph. I can't imagine that it snows in Arizona.Does it happen very often ?
By the way Cathi, I bought three of those siver hearts that you have on your sidebar from Cox and Cox. They ar really pretty. XXXX said...

How funny. And a picture taken with a real camera and real film. Imagine that.

Cathi said...

JACKIE - I really don't know how often it snows in Arizona...i would imagine not too often. I am green with envy about those hearts, enjoy them...they sure look beautiful! xxoo

TISH - We've come a long way from real film....I never imagined we would have digital cameras or even cell phones when I was a young funny! xxoo

Christina said...

what a great story and sweet pic. taken with real camera and film. Swoon!


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