Wednesday, December 16, 2009

christmas memories...

I asked a few friends and family members
if they would share a Christmas memory
and the following is from my very own
wonderfully fabulous mom!
"Growing up, my Christmas usually consisted of going
to church and maybe being in a play or singing.
Once, when I was in the third grade,
I was in a two person play -
about 7 pages of dialogue - and I ended
up doing it with a bad case of laryngitis.
When in high school , I was suppose to sing a duet
with the preacher's son and I couldn't get there.
The weather was so bad ( snow & ice) that my
Dad wouldn't ( or couldn't) drive in it.
Besides going to church,
Christmas was a casual day.
I'm sure before I started school -
we spent it with Grandma & Grampa Wilson .
The only present that I remember as really special was -
a new long red coat and my doll got one just like it !
I'm sure I was pleased with the other gifts -
I just don't remember what they were.
We always got to open one gift on Christmas Eve
right before bedtime ( sound familiar ?)
We always had a fresh cut tree and would decorate it
with lots of ornaments and icicles ( tinsel).
During the Second World War , the icicles were made of tin.
I had a tricycle , a wagon ,a doll buggy.
Christmas was more fun after getting married and
having you three sweet kiddos .
I believe that every Christmas is special in it's own right,
getting together with family and friends -
celebrating life . But let's not forget -
the Reason for the season ! "
(photo via here)


The Owl's Closet said...

what a great xmas memory from ur mom:) a matching coat with her doll?? so adorable:D thank u for sharing:)

Jacqueline said...

Your mum's memories are a little like mine, Cathi.
My Christmas's weren't about excess it was all about the magic. We would leave an empty pillow case at the end of the bed and, when we woke up, it was overflowing with wonderful little gifts (nothing really expensive but we loved each and every one of them). Then, under the tree would be presents from the family. Like your mum, we were allowed to open one on Christmas Eve. My sister and I and our cousins always opened the one from a particular relative as it was usually something that we didn't really want !!!! It was such a magical time and, I have tried to make it as magical for my children. XXXX

Lori said...

What a nice story ~ precious memories from your Mama!!
My Dad would talk about going to bed on Christmas eve ~ the tree was up but unadorned and no presents under the tree. When they got up on Christmas morn, the tree was decorated, there were presents under the tree and the stockings and candy dishes were all filled. I figure my grandmother stayed up until dawn getting it all done but I enjoyed hearing the story time after time.

Christina said...

what beautiful memories, handed down to you from your mom. so beautiful!
and your current passion on your sidebar, has become mine also. Swoon!

Simone said...

I LOVED reading this Cathi, beautiful memories xo

Torie Jayne said...

What a lovely Christmas memory.Have a sweet day!

Beach Vintage said...

I like the wagon and dolly wonderful.


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