Tuesday, December 1, 2009

figs & lemons

Figs & Lemons was the blog that got me hooked in
this blogworld a few years ago and from there I found alot
of other awesome blogs, which led me to search out blogs
as my new hobby...:) It's a simple blog of a woman that
lives a life in Positano, Italy and what goes along with
that. She is from England but had spent alot of time
there on holidays. She started making soap a year or
two ago and I have always been meaning to buy some
as she makes them from the natural ingredients in and
around Positano. Last week, I did and yesterday I received
my soaps - Cocobello, Caffe Latte, Scirocco and some
Sorbetto lotion. The smells are fantastic, I can't wait
to use them! Check out her shop Saponissimo
the prices are very reasonable, service was great
and now I get to enjoy the product. I hope
you will get a chance to also! Thanks "Charlie"


jociegal said...

Those look beautiful! I will have to check them out.

OceanDreams said...

Looks like a wonderful blog! I will have to check it out. :)

Scintilla @ Bell'Avventura said...

I met Charlie through her blog. Strangely my husband knew her as he's kind of related to Luca but I had to work out who she was! Lovely lady, and delicious soaps!

Simone said...

Positano and such delicious sounding soaps sound too good to miss, I will take a look!

Have a lovely day Cathi :)

olivia rae said...

sounds lovely! i'm going to check it out right now.

Lori said...

OMG ~ they look good enough to eat! I can only imagine the smell ~ yummy!

Tracey said...

Now that sounds like a treat that is truly right up my alley!! How wonderful!

:) T

charlie said...

How lovely, thank you so much!

Tracy said...

Those are SOAPS? YUM!

Andi said...

Love the December header and the blog suggestion!


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