Tuesday, December 29, 2009

My Nancy Drew Diet....

As the New Year is approaching, I
have come up with a creative solution
to shed a few pounds. You see, I have
this elliptical machine that's main use
is as a clothes line. It happens to be
right next to my bookshelf. Tonight
as I was re introducing myself
to this machine, I noticed on my
daughters bookshelf the whole
collection of Nancy Drew books,
that I have been wanting to
read again. Voila, a plan to keep
me on the machine a bit longer
than I would normally stay
on it! The Mystery at Lilac
Inn is my first book in the series
that I am reading, as that was the
one that was in my reach....haha...:)
It's actually the 4th book in the series,
in reality. So wish me luck, I'll let you
know if this new diet of mine works for
me, if it doesn't than I have at least
fulfilled a goal of re-reading the Nancy
Drew books - as I love a good mystery!


Lori said...

Oh I loved the Nancy Drew series and was so jealous because a girl I went to school with had the entire collection ~ ALL of them! They would be fun to re-read as I am sure I missed some along the way. Good luck with the diet ~ I am joining Weight Watchers in a couple of weeks ~ wish me luck!

Kathy said...

Boy, I loved those books, too! I'm sure I read them all, and if your diet works, I might try something similar as well, Cathi! xxoo

Gigi said...

Brilliant idea! I'm a Nancy Drew fan from way back when. Lilac in and Mystery of the Hidden Staircase are two of my favorites! xoxo Gigi

Christina said...

i loved N.D growing up!

Erin said...

Love it! Re-reading your fave kids books is a great way to pass the time on the elliptical machine! I've got all of those in the library downstairs... I think I might crack them open too.

The Mystery at Lilac Inn really was my favourite!

Which sidekick did you prefer- Bess or George? I say George all the way!


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