Thursday, January 14, 2010

girls just wanna have fun...

Ten Years Ago - I met a group of women
on (gasp) the INTERNET of all places. :)
We had a shared interest that brought us
all together - and formed bonds that are
truly unbreakable. We've gone thru deaths,
illnesses, divorce, disappointments together
we have shared the most awesome times
together - so much fun, so much love, so
much laughter and alot of music.

Alot of these women are January
birthday girls, so we started having
an annual birthday bash where we
all come together from all over the
United States and a few even come
from England. We meet up in the
Los Angeles area (where I live now)
We've been known to wear
old prom dresses and tiara's,
pajamas and slippers to
our fave English pub
to party, dance, drink & listen
to a fave band of ours
and just have some
good old fashioned
girlfriend time.
One of us (ok me),
have been known to
fly on an airplane in pajamas,
slippers and a robe on a dare.
That was alot of fun....haha...
We also do fun things like go to the
beach, to television tapings, hiking,
stalking George Clooney's neighborhood
and talking and laughing, and
laughing some more.
Well I am happy to say,
that as we speak several of
my friends are arriving tonight
and more tomorrow and this
is going to be one fun girlfriend
weekend, that I am truly needing
right now. These girls are my
rocks and I am theirs too -
and we are going to


Randi said...

What a wonderful gift to have such a bond to share. My girlfriends are my family and it is amazing to see others reveling in the gift of friendship. I hope you have a phenomenal weekend with your girls. Cheers!

Simone said...

This sounds like positively the best group in the world, how wonderful - and they come from England!! Sounds like so much fun :)

I too am part of an internet group of girls and we have been together around 10 years....Lori and Kim are part of this group so you know how lucky I am. We have been through some stuff too.....these are in my thoughts daily and I can't imagine my life without them, which I am sure is how you feel.

Have a wonderful week-end Cathi :)

PS Just to warn's George's week-end with me this w'end, so I wouldn't bother with the stalking ;)


Jacqueline said...

Dear Cathi,
How wonderful for this to be happening this weekend. It will be the tonic and picck-me-up you need.
Friends are SO important to us and this group sound like a lot of fun.
Have a great time and let us all know what you got up too !!!!
P.S. Simone is totally wrong. Her turn is next week. George is pouring me a glass of champagbe as we speak !!!! haha. XXXX

Christina said...

this is just a glorious! post. aren't women just the best! your making me wish i lived closer! fun fun!
enjoy your weekend and all the birthdays!

Kristin said...

That is so incredible. Real friendships CAN be made in this arena!!

Lori said...

I love this Cathi because as Simone said ~ that is how I originally met this sweet girl. We however have not had the chance to get together but someday soon...we will all be together and do what you and your girlfriends do ~ and I for one cannot wait! Have a wonderful time. xo

MarjF said...

I also belong to the same group as Lori, Simone and KIm...and other special women. We've enjoyed a close relationship for almost 10 years...enjoy your fun get-togethers..


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