Wednesday, January 13, 2010

sending love to haiti...

I truly am at a loss for words right now.
My heart just aches for all the people
in Haiti.....
Earthquakes have always been
a part of my life.
I was in the San Francisco
Bay Area in 1989 when the Loma
Prieta Earthquake hit - it was extremely
frightening - causing so much
chaos, confusion, heartache & damage
This one in Haiti is so much
more - way off the scale
compared to the Loma Prieta.
I can't even imagine.
Take a moment to send
your love and prayers to
Haiti and if you are
able to please
send a donation
or any other organization
that will benefit in the
rescue efforts.
UPDATE: If you would like to donate $10 to the Red Cross International Relief - just text 90999 on your cell phone and type in Haiti. They will deduct it from your phone bill. Just another quick way to help a little bit.


A-M said...

Oh I am with you and your sentiments. Hubby and I just cried watching the news tonight. The children, the elderly, no food or water....just heartbreaking. A-M xx

Lori said...

I am with you with this Cathi ~ it is such a horrible tragedy.

Cherry Blossoms said...

Breaks my heart esp when you see the children and of all places why a third world country. Makes it so much harder.

Jacqueline said...

Oh Cathi,
It is such a tradgedy.
I can't bring myself to watch the news anymore as it's so heartbreaking.
My heart goe out to everyone there and to the ones that perished and the friends and relatives of those that are missing. XXXX

olivia rae said...

i know.. it's so awful, such a tragedy. breaks my heart and makes me wish there was more i could do.


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