Monday, February 1, 2010

smile monday...

The past four years, February has been a
difficult month for me, but this year I am
looking to change that up and make
it an AWESOME one!
Join me, if you will and let's do
our best to enjoy each moment
and make this a month filled
with wonderful friendships,
smiles, love, laughter
great memories & kindness.


The Owl's Closet said...

love this post! thank u for sharing ur optimism:) yes, let's making 2010 an awesome one:D

Lori said...

Happy February to you Cathi! Is your Feb like my Jan?? We can make it better... I will be over for a piece of that cake. Have a wonderful Monday!

Simone said...

I hope this is a better February Cathi....

I was wondering who cut a piece out of that delicious cake.....but then I realised that it was you and that you've probably given it to George to bring over for Jackie for her birthday....lucky girl!! ;)


Tracy said...

Is that a Red Velvet cake? Yumm-o! Valentine's Day is my dear Mother's 85th birthday.

Sherry said...

Cathi, I hear you about February. January has been my I wish for you a beautiful 28 days and will join with you in celebrating every moment, every day to make it the best that it can be! ♥

And that is one fantastic looking cake! :)

Beach Vintage said...

Great to stay positive my love. I am sure it will be a great month.

Teri said...

Love that cake!!!

Sweet post. Hope this year is a better February for you!

Julie@beingRUBY said...

Hi Cathi
Thanks for popping over... it was a bit of fun...

Hope this February bring much cheer your way!! Julie

Christina said...

yay sweetheart. here's to february!
ps: isn't that cake adorable!?

Relyn said...

That cake is making me so happy just to see it. Isn't it funny how the littlest things can bring delight?

trishie said...

Wow, what an awesome cake, i'd so love to have a piece!

Happy Febuary to you too!


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