Wednesday, April 28, 2010

wonderfully lost...

One of my fave ways to get to know a

new city that I am visiting is by getting lost ~

wonderfully lost.  There is always  a new

experience right around the corner to savor.

Here's wishing you a day of new and wonderful

adventures!  Enjoy each moment & smile!



Lori said...

That actually sounds like fun Cathi ~ however being a type A personality ~ I am a planner by heart and rarely get lost!! I will think about it tho...

Jacqueline said...

Oh Cathi,
We always get lost, but always find the way again. The best way to see a new place properly and to see the 'real, behind the scenes' town or city.
We are so thankful for satnav when driving now, as we are hopeless at navigation !!!! XXXX

Denise said...

I am way too familiar with this. I don't know the downtown area of my city that much. When I go there, I am always pleasantly surprised by the streets, shops, and people I discover. I am not through getting lost. There is still so much to discover!

Christina said...

So so beautiful.
filled with truth.


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