Tuesday, May 25, 2010

catalina & love...

I am so excited!

My friend Kim from Northern California is coming down to

spend the weekend with me - as this is the weekend that

Alex takes his guy trip - so you know what that means


We decided to take the ferry to Catalina Island on

Sunday and spend the day cruising the island in the

little golf carts that they use.  As close as Catalina is

to me, I have never been there - so there is no time

like the present!  That is unless we are too tired

 from our quick trip to Vegas to see the

Beatles Love Show by Cirque de Soleil on Friday.

By quick I mean fly in Friday and out Saturday

afternoon - that is a good Vegas trip for me..since

I'm not much of  gambler...haha...

The best part of this is it all just kind of

came together pretty quickly which is how

I like to do it!!  (I am not much of a planner)

What are your plans for Memorial Day Weekend?


(photos via here)


Michelle said...

Girlfriend time! So much fun!

The Cirque Beatles show is FANTASTIC! We are going to see the Elvis one this summer.


Gail said...

Have a great time Cathi! I want to hear all about it! Enjoy time with Kim and tell her hi for me.

Lori said...

You have been having some wonderful girly week-ends Cathi!! Enjoy the show ~ I hear it is fabulous. We had our long week-end last week-end and we opened the cottage and then on Monday I sat on the deck and soaked up the sunshine. Have a great one!

Beach Vintage said...

I LOVE girlfriend time. I need another break with my girls soon!

Christina said...

i have heard so many wonderful things, about c. island. i so want to visit. have a wonderful time!
girl time!


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