Thursday, June 17, 2010

cheers to the weekend...

This photo just makes me happy.  It reminds me of my

childhood, when I wanted to grow up to be a cowgirl.

Whatever you do this weekend - I hope it's something

that makes you smile and laugh!  Enjoy the moment!

Thank you for everyone's kind comments this week

they are appreciated more than you will ever know!



jociegal said...

Haha - the tutu with rain boots - I love it! Nothing is better than when kids dress themselves.

Lori said...

This is the cutest picture ever ~ I may have to *steal* it!! Happy Week-end Cathi!

Jacqueline said...

Have a yee ha, wild west of a weekend, Cathi !! XXXX

Tracy said...

Have a super weekend, cathi! xxoo

Simply Colette said...

That photo is THE best! I too have been watching all the squirrels. Saw a raccoon climbing a tree the other morning, bunnies, and deer on my vacation. I just love wildlife! Except mosquitos!


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