Monday, June 28, 2010

smile monday...

Isn't this such a fabulous setting? What a perfect place to relax and have a chat with a friend.  Care to join me? What did you do this weekend? I hope whatever you did it was wonderful!  I had a very slow and relaxing weekend - which I absolutely loved.  Watched a few movies,sat out near my garden (which made me smile),went to a BBQ at a friends, hung out the pub with Alex and some friends for a bit where we were commiserating over the World Cup turn of events. Now it's back to work I go today! Thankfully another holiday weekend is coming up really soon! Have a great day!



Lori said...

We also had a good week-end Cathi ~ did some relaxing and got some stuff done ~ our holiday is Thursday and I took Friday off so I am looking forward to a 4 day week-end.

Lillian Chang said...

Sounds like a wonderful weekend!
I had a slow weekend too, which was SO wonderful!! I went to the beach with a friend and caught up while just looking out at the ocean. Then we met up with my bf who was also at a pub watching the game.
And I also took time to watch a few movies this weekend and clean/organize. It was a good weekend :)
Happy Monday!! Hope you feel rejuvenated for the start of another week!! :)

Tracy said...

Sounds great, cathi! We hung out by the pool all weekend. YOU NEED TO COM VISIT! xxoo

Beach Vintage said...

Yes such a pretty place to relax. I love all the stonework.

Simply Colette said...

Hi Cathi!

Was thinking of you and wanted to say Hi. Hope your summer is treating you well so far!



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