Friday, July 16, 2010

it's the weekend and a party!!

Woo hoo!  Now that was a fast week for me! Isn't this photo absolutely stunning? It belongs
to my awesome friend Christina over at Soul Aperture and it just so happens to be her birthday today, so please stop on over for a cupful of love and wish her a happy day! My heart always feels so full after I have stopped by to visit Christina's blog - she just has "that way" to make you smile,
to tug at your heart with her beautiful words and to really embrace the simple things in life.  She makes me want to be a better person, truly.  This blog world is so full of amazing women and this past year has been such a joyful year for me, getting to know some truly fabulous women all over the world - how lucky are we all to have crossed paths?

I have also made it my mission to reconnect with old friends. Sometimes our lives get so busy with work, with raising a family and sometimes our friendships take a backseat, at least alot of times in my life - I know they have and it truly makes me sad that I even allowed it to happen - but that's the past and I can only move forward from here on out. Thankfully I have friends that even if I haven't seen or talked to them in years - when I finally did reconnect it was like yesterday, like we didn't miss a beat.  That is so awesome, that is true friendship.  Friends are on my mind today - as Alex and I are attending the funeral of one of his best friends from high school - it kind of hits home that life is short and we shouldn't take our friends or loved ones for granted.  We need to embrace life and enjoy each moment!  So go out and make it a great day! Don't forget to stop by Christina's place - Soul Aperture - you'll be glad you did!




jociegal said...

Lovely photo!!!

elizabeth said...

I love those moments. When you see an old friend that you haven't seen in years, and it's as if the years have vanished.

I'm glad you have those kind of friends.

Christina said...

bless your heart! i am typing through tears.
thank you, so very much. yes, lets live today and all our days to the fullest.

i send you and your husband, love on this day.
here's to friendship. cheers.

Mary Jo from TrustYourStyle said...

Cathi, love your tribute to Christina! Old friends really are so dear, arent' they? I'm so glad to be part of her celebration and read all the love from other friends of Christina. Hoping you have a wonderful weekend filled with all kinds of simple things!

xo Mary jo

pinkstilettos said...

Yes, this photo is very stunning!!

SE'LAH... said...

true friendship is the best.

enjoy your weekend.
one love.

kath said...

Old friends are the best, I especially love it now that we are "old" xo

Angie Muresan said...

What a beautiful message in this post, Cathi. Thinking of Alex, and his friend's family.


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