Wednesday, August 4, 2010

happy wednesday....

I love this!  Sometimes it takes years to realize this!

It's been a crazy busy week around here.  We got back from
an awesome time with our friends in San Francisco - took in
two baseball games, had alot of food and drinks, had a nice
sunny lunch on the bay with my son Matt & his wife Heather
(loved seeing them, I have been missing them alot!)  We did
alot of walking - bummed that I didn't get to ride the Cable
Cars though.  Time just flies by when you're having fun!
My friend Tracy was meeting up with a fellow photography
blogger friend of hers, so we had a nice time visiting with
him too.  All in all - the time was short but ALOT OF FUN!

In SIX short days, we are leaving for London - to say that I
am excited is a major understatement.  I am trying my best
to really be a smart packer, as I tend to overpack on trips.
Just tending to things that need to get done before the trip,
and my job is definitely getting in the way of that this week..
haha...So if anyone has any packing advice, or flying advice
as I have never been on a flight this long before - your thoughts
are welcome here!  Have a beautiful day everyone and as the
saying above goes "Who you are is enough"



jociegal said...

That quote is fantastic and so, so important. I think so many struggle with this. Thank you!

Erin Wallace said...

This is a great picture and a wonderful quote. have fun in England!! It's one of my favorite places.

xo Erin

Christina said...

i have some packing advice~ just slide me in your carry on, and we will be all set. lol : ) ooohhh, im gwan miss ya, someTING awful. have so much fun, and take it all in. take lots of pictures.

Kathy said...

Military packing...rolling your clothes. You can fit twice as much in that way! Have a wonderful, wonderful trip! I like Christina's advice, too, and if by some chance you have an extra bag, I'd take it! :-)

A Tale of Two Cities said...

Thanks for stopping by A Tale of Two Cities--hopefully if you scroll through the archives, you can get some great ideas for your trip. If I can answer any questions for you, I'll try. Love your beautiful blog--have a fabulous time in London!


Lori said...

I think we all need to remember that we are enough sometimes as so many things happen in life to try and prove otherwise.
I can only imagine how excited you are for your trip! As far as packing ~ comfortable shoes and the same color pallet in clothing ~ makes it easier to mix and match and put together an outfit.
And for the plane ~ one of those neck travel pillows ~ wish I had mine for the train last year when we went away but I forgot it at home.... ipod, books, magazines, cards if hubby plays or pocket games.


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