Tuesday, September 28, 2010

in the blink of an eye...

Life flies by.  When we're young we feel like we are immune to getting older, but before we know what has hit us - here we are.  I have a passion that involves seniors in the latter part of their lives.  Every week when I bring my movies to the assisted living homes - I learn something new, chat with someone new and catch up with my friends and if they're not around - I talk to the caregivers to check up on them.  They are my people that I adore.  Some are cranky (well alot of them are cranky) who wouldn't be - they've been taken out of their homes and told they have to live in this community with others that also have been displaced and sent to live out their lives in assisted living often due to illness or Alzheimers.  Family and friends come by often at first and then they trickle off leaving alot of these seniors alone with no one.  That was my main reason for starting the non profit - to let those seniors that are alone know that they have someone in their corner that cares about them, that they matter to someone.  I have been truly blessed to have met the most wonderful men & women and listen to their life stories, laugh with them, hold their hands and just listen.  Many are in and out of the hospital quite often, so when I go to visit, I often brace myself for the news that one of my friends will have died.  This happened on Saturday, but this particular woman, my friend Jane took me by surprise. Granted she was 86 years old - but aside from the beginning stages of Alzheimers she wasn't one of the ones that were in the hospital frequently.  She had a wonderful attitude about life, she laughed often and was very serious when she picked out which movies that her and her friends would watch. She loved her movies.  Her husband had been in the movie business and she had such wonderful memories of that time in their lives, long after he was gone.  Her friend Isobel came up to me to give me the news and I could just see the sadness in her eyes. Jane was her movie buddy and they were just getting ready to watch a movie when Isobel found her unconscious.  My heart broke not only for Jane's family,but for Isobel.  It's not often that people in assisted living find great friends but when they do it makes living there so much more bearable.  So I bid a fond farewell to Jane - she brightened alot of peoples lives including mine and I will cherish the time I spent with her.

Life is short - enjoy each moment and share a smile with someone!



*Simply Colette* said...

Aww Cathi... it's always hard to lose a dear person. I know how you feel about the elderly, and it's so sweet what you do by going to visit. :)

Michelle said...

This post was so touching. I am sorry you lost your friend Jane. Your non-profit certainly sounds as though it added many happy days to her life. xoxo

myletterstoemily said...

dear cathi,

i'm so sorry to hear about your sweet
friend, jane. she was very blessed to
have you and isobel as friends.

i came to your blog through debi's
and am so glad i did.


Gigi said...

Oh, Cathi, this post brought tears to my eyes. I'm sorry about the loss of your wonderful friend, Jane. She sounds like she was a special person.

I love the work that you do. Too many seniors are lonely at a time in their lives when they should be cherished. You give them a tremendous gift, and I know they must adore you for it. Hugs to you, my friend.

xo Gigi

Jacqueline said...

Oh Cathi,
I'm so sorry to hear your sad news of the loss of your friend Jane. .... and, when people say that 'they had a long life' it just doesn't cut it does it ? It doesn't matter what age a person dies, it is always such a sad time.
Our dad was in a nursing home for the last two years of his life. He died at 91 but, I think of him everyday and miss him terribly.
Here's to Jane and all of your memories of her. You will always have those. .... and here's to all of the other residents and how lucky they are to have you and your company. Lots of love Cathi and I'm thinking of you. XXXX

Simone said...

Oh Cathi, I am sorry to be late in responding to this post.

You do a wonderful thing visiting your senior friends, I think it is fantastic what you do.

I am so sorry to hear of your loss, I am sure Jane appreciated the time you spent with her.

You wrote this beautifully Cathi, very moving xoxo


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