Friday, September 3, 2010

one day in paris...

After a few hours of a LOVELY train ride from London

We arrived at Gare Du Nord  Train Station and promptly found a place to cash our money into Euros.  I had bought a carnet (packet of tickets) on the Eurostar train for the metro - we just had to figure out where to hop on it which was so easy as it was in the same station...Yeah!! We were two sleepy people who had no idea where we would go first, so I said "let's just take the metro down near the Seine River and take a boat trip to see Paris." 

So we found a metro map and picked a place and it was St. Michel metro station in the Latin Quarter. We walked around the area which I loved - filled with cafes, shops, bookstores - once again I was in heaven. I couldn't believe I was in Paris.

We just started strolling down the street following the river,
when I spotted the Notre Dame Cathedrale - we definitely
had some company there and the line was quite long to go

We opted to walk thru the Notre Dame garden area and head over to the river find a boat to hitch a ride on. 

I recognized this boat company Batobus from one of the websites I had looked at so we found the ticket counter and purchased our tickets and hopped on the boat.

We passed the Ile Saint Louis - which is a quaint little area in itself,
I'd like to explore more.

We got off the boat at the Louvre and just started walking down
the plaza towards the Jardin des Tuileries.

From there I spotted a mini London Eye actually more like
a ferris wheel...This was such a beautiful area and it was sprinkling
a bit - but I never opened my umbrella at all as it was such a light sprinkle.

Pretty flowers everywhere...I love looking at landscaping and
this was one area that had the best!

Gorgeous statues everywhere. This was near a large fountain
that had green chairs all around the fountain to just sit and
relax in - and alot of people were definitely doing just that.

We walked up the plaza for at least a mile or two towards the Arc de Triomphe as we truly didn't know what direction to go.  A. and I just love exploring cities in our own way, so it didn't matter where we started.  It's all about the journey!

We were starting to get hungry and lo and behold I see Laduree on the Champs-Elysees, so we had to stop in to sample the macaroons...yum!!!

The Arc de Triomphe from our outdoor cafe table

While we were walking up the Champs-Elysees looking at menu after menu, we settled upon an Italian restaurant..haha...

I  saw one of these desserts being delivered to a table while we were waiting for our lunch, and I knew what I would be eating VERY SOON...It was called a "concerto of desserts" It had tiramisu,
chocolat mousse, caramel panacotta and a raspberry like tiramisu...It was delicious!

Paris street scenes as we were heading over

to the Eiffel Tower. 

Such gorgeous architecture EVERYWHERE!

I loved all the colors on this boat - such a cool place..

More beauty

There I am on a bridge near the Eiffel Tower - a few months before we came here, I would never have imagined I would have been doing just this!

A small garden area near the Eiffel Tower

A small picturesque pond right at the Eiffel Tower

As we were walking over to the Eiffel Tower, one (not me) of us decided we should walk up it. I was quietly chuckling to myself knowing full well we would not be walking up this.  Well the lines were a few hours long and when it comes to waiting in line or just enjoying the scenery and people watching - the line lost out.

We sat in a quiet area in the park at the Eiffel Tower and just watched everyone
walking up it.  It was so nice just hanging out in the park relaxing, A. took a bit of a cat nap and
I enjoyed all the people watching and the scenery.  Alot of people were laying on the lawns napping.


After we left the Eiffel Tower, we just walked thru neighborhoods
enjoying "everyday life in paris"

We made our way back to the river to catch the boat, after a stop in at the Musee d'Orsay.

Here is the Notre Dame from our view from the boat.

We ended up where we started and had an hour or so before we needed to head back to Gare Du Nord to catch the train back to our home in London...(that sounds so nice, our home in London.)
If only...

I ordered a chantilly chocolat lace crepe with a baileys & coffee as I needed a little pick me up.  When the waiter discovered that they forgot the whip cream, he swooped in to take it back to the kitchen, just as I was taking this photo..He came back and had added bananas to it too, since they made the mistake....It was soooooo good!  We only had 8 hours in Paris and there was alot that I wanted to see but didn't get around to as we just wanted to go at our own pace and do some relaxing.  All the more reason to plan another trip someday. 

AND LAST BUT DEFINITELY NOT LEAST, today is my niece Christy's birthday and as you can see from the photo, she is going to have to wait a few more months for her real birthday gift.  I am going to be a great-aunt and I CAN'T WAIT!!!!

HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHRISTY!!! You are going to be such a wonderful mommy.  I know it as you took such good care of Stephanie when she was a baby and you still do 19 years later!

Thank you everyone for joining us on our day in Paris,  I am still pinching myself at the WONDERFUL vacation we had.  We are still talking about what a GREAT time we had!



P.S. Please check out Simone's Blog to read about Summer and her dad, Butch!


Jacqueline said...

Dear Cathi,
What fantastic photographs and wonderful memories of Paris. Isn't it such a lovely city ? You certainly did as much as you could in eight hours !! I think that you filled the time perfectly.
...and, many happy returns of the day to your niece Christy. Wishing her a very happy birthday and a very lovely baby in a few months time !!!! XXXX

Tracy said...

Beautiful photos, cathi! Did you kiss your boyfriend under the Eiffel Tower? Or at least on Main Street? :-)

Happy Birthday, Christy!

jociegal said...

Oh I love Paris so much. It is the best place that I have ever been. Enjoy your time and thank you for the great posts.

Andi said...

That's one amazing day, I'll be there in a month and cannot wait.

Cherry Blossoms said...

Hi Cathi,
Sounds like you are having another memorable time in Paris. seeing your photos and familiar sites makes my heart really miss Paris.
Safe travels!

A Tale of Two Cities said...

You were so wise--walking through Paris is the best way to soak up the atmosphere. Even getting lost can be fun!


*Simply Colette* said...

Beautiful! Thanks for letting me relive Paris! Isn't it magnificant?! Have a great labor day weekend...

P.S. I have your little token set to go in the mail on Tuesday! xoxo

Beach Vintage said...

So so pretty. Thanks for the tour.

Jeanneoli said...

So, so fun!!! Thanks for the wonderful refresher of Paris..I miss it so much already!

Simone said...

You are the best tourist ever Cathi!!! Fabulous photos, I could just imagine your route - and honestly forgot you only had eight hours there!!! You did brilliantly!!

Isn't the Eurostar wonderful, such an easy way to travel?

Hope you are having a wonderful week-end. I need a favour over at my blog....pop over please! xoxo

Margarita said...

What beautiful photos!! I adore Paris, I agree that the best thing to do with such a short time is see as much as possible!!

Jeanne said...

Cathi, I just love your photos of Paris and London and love the way you embrace a new location and seek out the best in it. You certainly did that here. It was fun to walk down these streets with you. Many familiar and a few that I will add to my travel journals for my next visit.

Thanks for stopping by today...lovely to meet you :)

Jeanne xx

Metropolitan Mum said...

Bonjour Cathi,
Parisian pictures like the ones above always make me feel a little longing. I love Paris!! The last time I have been was with a bump only marginally bigger than your niece's. Good luck to her, may she be blessed with a healthy and happy baby.

Girl Meets Paris said...

This is hands down the most beautiful post on Paris I've ever read!!! Your pictures were spot on perfect... you saw the perfect amount of Parisian landmarks, and had a beautiful meal. I know this day will stay in your heart forever! So happy for you.

Lori said...

Truly beautiful Cathi ~ loving all the shots of Paris. Hard to believe that you were only there for 8 hours ~ you saw so much and I love how you both just meandered around and truly saw everything. Such wonderful memories of your incredible trip. xo

Christina said...

it's as though i was there with you.

Anne in Oxfordshire said...

Wow what a day you had, you certainly made the best of your time, and stopping to eat :-) Your day looks amazing.

Coralyn said...

Your pictures are beautiful! Now I feel like I have been there too !! Keep dreaming and who knows where else you may travel. I'm so happy for this part of your life ! Love and kisses Mom

Red Boots said...

Paris looks beautiful Cathi! And your smile on that bridge says exactly how much you are enjoying yourself!

I went to Paris once as a teenager with friends, I'd love to go again soon, such a magical place.



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