Tuesday, October 19, 2010

breakfast at tiffany's (almost)...

Bottega Del Vino is a wonderful place to sit and enjoy a very artistic, beautiful cappuccino and a tasty pain au chocolat. It is just a few blocks from Tiffany's and a hop, skip and a jump from Central Park and the Plaza Hotel. (Literally right across the street.)

I have only eaten a pastry there, but the food looks, sounds and smells delicious.  It is a fabulous place to sit and watch the world go by and do some serious people watching.  I am hoping that on the few days we will be in New York City this coming weekend, that I will be able to get up early, enjoy the scenery at one of those outdoor tables and then take a nice, long brisk walk thru Central Park.

Have a great day!

(1.photo from here & 2. photo is mine)


vicki archer said...

That is the cutest coffee ever....xv

Jacqueline said...

That restaurant looks amazing....I hope that you will have a meal there so that you can tell us how delicious it is! You must be so excited Cathi. XXXX

Tracy said...

Oh, yum! I hope you get to do that, too! I want to hear

A Tale of Two Cities said...

Amazing "coffee" art! May you be blessed with cafe dining weather on your upcoming weekend in NY. I look forward to seeing your photos!


Simone said...

There's nothing like Central Park in autumn :)

lila said...

so glad to find your blog! fabulous,fabulous blog!
Love the way you see and enjoy life with so much"curiosity" and gusto.
Amazing posts too!

Lori said...

I remember this area well Cathi ~ and of course as I told you before I love Central Park. Cannot wait to see your photos!


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