Tuesday, October 26, 2010

paley park..

I found another cool vest pocket park in New York called Paley Park and it was right around the corner from my hotel.   I walked by it several times and didn't even notice it.  But I had read about this park, so I looked it up the day we left New York and I literally ran over there to check it out, a few minutes before we left.

We also spent a few nights in a cute town on the Jersey Shore.  I will post some photos of it, but am very tired we had a long day of flying and a few delays, so off to bed I go!!



Tracy said...

Welcome home, cathi! I love the water feature in this photo. xxoo

Alessia said...

what a gorgeous place! I'll have to check it out next time I'm in NYC.

I love your blog--such beautiful photos!

Jacqueline said...

Hi Cathi,
Many thanks for your lovely comment.....even though you are probably very tired after your wonderful trip.
What a wonderful park......I love the waterfall....I have a bit of a thing for waterfall's !! I am really looking forward to all of your photographs. XXXX

Café Bellini said...

That's really cool! I'm your newest follower.

Anonymous said...

Cathi, I just happened upon your blog and we have a lot in common -- using words like Murder She Wrote, Angela Lansbury, Nancy Drew, Desserts, and all your appreciation of beautiful nature...I would love if you could identify the places you stayed in. For instance, "Red Bank" in addition to "quaint coastal town" or the name of your hotel in NYC...it puts other comments in perspective and I may want to go there too!


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