Tuesday, December 21, 2010

don't you forget...

This quote really spoke to me.  I remember when I  figured out
what kind of non profit I wanted to start.  I'd been wanting to do
something for years, but just couldn't figure it out.  When I finally did
I planned and plotted for months without saying a word to anyone - as
it was my baby and I didn't want anyone to deter me from my mission
or discourage me.  When I finally did divulge to people what I wanted
to do, I had a few naysayers that didn't quite understand why I would
want to do this, but I truly devoted myself to this project and went
completely out of my comfort \zone to get it going.  I am a very shy
person at heart.  If you were to meet me, you wouldn't think so - but
inside myself I am EXTREMELY shy, so by starting this non profit
and opening myself up to alot of different people and explaining
what I was doing took alot of deep breaths on my part.  As much
as I adore my seniors that I visit often, it took awhile for them to
understand why I would do this.  A few times they'd ask "what are
you getting out of this?"  I'd say "it's filling my heart with joy and
meeting so many awesome seniors and listening to your life stories
are just about the best present I could ever receive."  I went into
this wanting to make a difference in their lives, to bring a smile or
a laugh and what it did was it changed my life.
All in all, when I saw this quote above - it made me just want
to shout from the rooftops - DON'T EVER GIVE UP ON YOUR
DREAMS!  Sometimes they turn out different then you have planned,
sometimes it takes many twists and turns and some tears mixed in with
the smiles and laughter.  But doing something you love is worth it!!

So there, I'll get off my soapbox now!

Carry on and have a beautiful week, everyone!
Do yourself a favor and share some kindness with
everyone that crosses your path
your life will never be the same!
I promise!


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B said...

Wow, this post spoke to me in volumes! I have a dream in my heart but don't yet know how to set it free. I am bubbly and sometimes loud, which people take as confidence but is actually a mask for my shyness. I doubt myself everyday and so achieve very little. Thank you for this post, I vow to start the new year with an open heart to any possibility. Merry Christmas to you and your loved ones, from snowy England (as usual we Brits are making a mountain out of a snow hill!!!!)B xxxx

Red Boots said...

Such a beautiful inspirational post Cathi!

I am also very shy, and I can easily imagine the barriers and struggles you would have faced to make your dream come true.

I would also love to have my own no-profit, but as of yet haven't figured out what I'd like to do. One day!

Have a very merry Christmas Cathi, you deserve it.


Tracy said...

You're the best, cathi. I mean it. xxoo

Anne in Oxfordshire said...

Hi Cathi .. this is such a great post and one true to me too!! I doubt myself a lot , even though you might not think so. I have taken myself into places I never thought possible , and with fear within me. Very very inspirational, Thank you and I will try and remember this in the new year. Wishing you a very merry Christmas and a Happy New Year..best wishes from Oxfordshire Uk

sharon said...

Beautifully written Cathi, inspiring actually. It's good to be reminded that we're all capable of doing something no matter how big or small.
Wishing you a Happy Christmas
My French Country Home

Jacqueline said...

Dear Cathi,
Such wonderful words and sentiments....when one has a mission, one should go all out to try and achieve it, no matter what others say. XXXX

Lori said...

You can get on your soapbox any time you want! I love that you found something you loved and ran with it. This is a great quote Cathi and I can see why it touched you. xo

A Tale of Two Cities said...

That would be a great mantra to take forward into the new year. Hope your holidays are blessed--looking forward to more connections in 2011.

Happy Christmas,

Christina said...

you are a beautiful inspiration to me. but you know this already.
i promise not to give up. ; )

Relyn said...

This IS a fabulous quote. Best of luck as you pursue your dreams.

Simone said...

I just wanted to say that I really loved what you wrote here Cathi....and I totally understand why you would want to get involved xxxx


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