Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Beach Vintage Flood Relief..

I adore Simone from Beach Vintage.  I have been reading her blog
for a year or so now and I think she is fabulous!  She has a huge
heart which you will see when you head over to her blog and read
about what she is doing along with her friend to help in whatever
way they can with the Austrailian Flood Relief.  She has brightened
many of our days with her fun, creative and caring blog and now
she is out and about providing food,drink and friendship to relief
workers and people affected by the flood.  Please take a moment
to stop by and give her some wonderful encouraging words and if
at all possible, a donation of any kind can truly help in the relief!
  You hear all the wonderful stories all around the blogs of people
helping out in any way they can with various causes and this is
definitely one to consider!!  Share a smile with someone and
be kind to yourself too!!


(photo via beachvintage)


*Simply Colette* said...

That's great! I was thinking of her with all the flooding :)

Lori said...

What a fantastic thing to do ~ I will head over there now and check it out.

Christina said...

i will head over to her place. they are in my prayers.

Beach said...

Hi Cathi, you are a sweet angel. We have been blogging friends now for almost 2 years! Thanks for blogging about my plight. Hugs. Simone


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