Sunday, January 23, 2011

heart happy...

Saturday I received some very exciting news!  You all know that my
niece is about to give birth in a few weeks.  Her brother called
me on Saturday to inform me that he and his wife are expecting
a baby in 6 months!!  My sis is going to have a busy year with
two grandkids to spoil!   We are beyond happy and excited!!


Today I went to my friend Kelly's dads memorial and it was so
wonderful, just as I had suspected it would be.  Alot of great
stories from friends and family along with a wonderful video montage
of her fabulous father's amazing life....As sad as his death was,
today was so uplifting to all and I feel so blessed to have been
able to share it with everyone there!!

I hope everyone has a fabulous week!!


(photo via here)

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Tracy said...

Lovely post, cathi. xxoo


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