Thursday, February 3, 2011

My 5 daily essentials...

Christina over at Soul Aperture was playing the 5 daily essentials game and invited us to play along, so I thought I would.  Here are My 5 daily essentials aka things I can't live without:

Vanille Perfume -
when people say they smell a cookie,
it's usually me & my perfume
My inspirational books or interesting magazines
My French Market Basket to carry all of my must haves
Mentha Cinnamon Lip Gloss or Terra Tints Lip Gloss
Bottle of water with my Emergen-C vitamin packets in it

Also I have a few bonus things, since I usually carry a basket
load of my daily essentials as you can tell by the size of that
basket:  My trusty IPhone, a pretty garnet pen that I love
writing with, special notes from friends and a banana.

If you'd like to play along let me know so I can come visit!

Have a gorgeous day!


Kristin said...

Ooh, I love vanilla scent! Have a beautiful weekend!


*Simply Colette* said...

I use the Emergen-C too! Love it, and I love that you smell like a cookie... :)

A Tale of Two Cities said...

How fun--sharing your daily essentials. I'm a vanilla gal myself too, and I'm wondering why I haven't bought a French market basket before now. They're just perfect for so many things. Oh well, on the list for my next trip.

Happy weekend,

Lori said...

Your daily essentials look a lot like mine!


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