Friday, February 25, 2011

cheers to the weekend...

Our plan this weekend was to drive up north to see my new little great nephew, but my daughter has been under the weather with a cold for a few days, so we will be relaxing instead.  I am hoping we will get up there next weekend though.  I hear there is a storm coming in tonight, where we might actually get snow here in the San Fernando Valley...that would be a first for me!!  Hoping the sun will shine on Sunday for nice morning bike ride and then I will get ready to watch the big show - The Oscars!!  I just love watching them!!  My friend, Sandi used to give the best Oscar parties, how I miss her!  Cheers to a wonderfully relaxing, healthy weekend for us all! Thank you for your kind comments to me, I truly appreciate you all! Be kind to everyone and that includes yourself!  

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Adrienne said...


I hope your daughter feels better soon. You probably don't want to be driving in all this weather anyway. I bet the Grapevine will close.
We are hoping for snow up here too....but right now the sun is out.
I'm sure you have had an emotional week - so like you say, "cheers to the weekend". I hope yours is restful and pleasant.



tracy said...

Hey, I hope Steff feels better soon. Play in the snow! xxoo

Jacqueline said...

Hi Cathi,
So sorry that I've been AWOL....have been celebrating my birthday for the past 4 week's and think that, maybe, it's time to stop now !!!!
I shall be watching the Oscar's....I usually stay up all night to watch them too !
Have a fun weekend and I hope that your daughter is feeling better. XXXX

Kimbirdy said...

oh i hope everyone in your home is feeling better today. did you actually get snow? i heard many rumors, but there was none on the hollywood hills this morning. a bike ride sounds so perfectly lovely. hope your weekend is delightful!

Christina said...

feel better!

Christina said...

i mean your daughter. hopefully she feels better.

Lori said...

Oh Cathi ~ I am so sorry that you never got a chance to go this week-end so I will keep my fingers crossed for you for next week. I can send you some snow if you want some (wink, wink)... I am waiting for the red carpet show to start ~ love it. Happy Sunday. xo

Beach said...

Hope you had a great weekend and didnt get caught in that storm!

Matrix Reimprinting said...

Hope you had a great weekend with your daughter!

Anxiety Self Help said...

I hope that your daughter will feel better soon. Take care on your way home.


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