Monday, March 7, 2011

it takes a village...

I met my new little great nephew, Mason this weekend and he was so adorable, such a handsome little man with such an easy going nature.  It's been so long since I have been around a baby, he was just so tiny to me, yet he has grown so much already in the almost 3 weeks since his birth. As I watched my niece and her husband care for their child (and they did so beautifully, I might add), alot of my own memories came flooding back. My mom, sister and I all talked about alot of our experiences with our kids when they were babies.  There is nothing like parenthood.  You forget the life that you had before children and despite some trying and sleepness nights (and there are alot of them), I wouldn't trade it for the world and I know my niece and her husband are feeling this too....So just giving a big hug and kiss to all new mommy's out there - get some rest, be patient and enjoy each moment, they grow up so fast!  If anyone has some inspiring advice on new mommyhood, feel free to share - as the saying goes "it takes a village"

Enjoy the day everyone!

(photo via here)


Christina said...

hmm... my best advice, to a new parents would be. follow your heart, gut, what ever it may be. it will lead you better than any parenting book or anything else. we as parents, know in our hearts, what our children need.

and enjoy this time. enjoy every tiring, minute of it. it goes so fast. XO

Lori said...

I have no tips sadly but I am so happy that you finally got to meet him!! I love them when they are that tiny ~ who am I kidding ~ I love them at any age!! xo

*Simply Colette* said...

What a special weekend! :)


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