Monday, June 13, 2011

my favorite rooms...

On my very long flight to Northern California
this weekend (45 minutes...haha.) I was flipping
thru the pages of Vogue and these were my fave
rooms.  I would love to have this library - it's
definitely do-able at my house but on a much
smaller level. 

This outdoor room is fabulous too!  I do have a pretty
nice backyard with a big tree, that is definitely one
of my fave places to hang out when the weather is nice!

This is my fantasy bathroom - I would this!

I hope everyone had a super wonderful weekend!  I had a really
nice, yet short visit with my family. My son, Matt and his wife,
Heather had a FABULOUS party!  I will see them all in again in
2 weeks, as I will be attending a baby shower for my nephew and
his wife - lots of fun times with the family lately - loving it!

Have a gorgeous day, everyone!

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Adrienne said...

What a library!

I am happy to hear your visit was fun. Wasn't the weather perfect this weekend?

kimbirdy said...

i just saw another bathroom sort of like this one on a blog last week and thought how much i would love it to be more of a relaxing lounge space. a cozy chair where my hubby could sit while i soaked in a bath while having deep conversations about life by the fire sounds like the perfect way to end every day.

Lori said...

That library is the stuff dreams are made of! Love that backyard and big old tub too Cathi. Glad to hear you had a good week-end albeit short. Happy Monday. xo


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