Friday, August 26, 2011

cheers to the weekend...

This week was a pretty busy week, having just come off
of our vacation - work, work & lots of it, but I also had
a nice dinner out with a good friend and our daughters for
my belated birthday!  Last night I hung out with a few of my
friends in their fabulous tree house (I will get a photo of it),
then went to a wonderful documentary.  Tonight I have a
date with my daughter, Steff to go see The Help - looking forward
to it!  Tomorrow I get to see my elderly friends - it has been a few weeks, so I am really anxious to see them and have some nice long chats!  I am going to try and get some biking and walking in this weekend also - actually I am going to make those my first priorities!  I hope whatever you do this weekend - you enjoy yourself!  Be kind, smile, laugh and live like you mean it!


(my iphone photo of carousel in the piazza della repubblica,florence,italy)


Simone said...

I have photos of my children on this carousel, I know exactly where it is :)

Hope you have caught up your sleep a little....can't wait to hear all about your trip!!

Happy Weekend Cathi X

Jacqueline said...

I knew that was Florence as soon as I saw it Cathi !! Didn't you just LOVE it ?
Hope you have a lovely weekend catching up with friends and back to your normal life. I look forward to all of your photos and tales of your wonderful holiday. XXXX

Lori said...

We went to The Help on Monday night and I loved it! I cannot wait to see what you thought of it. I imagine you have had a crazy busy week and got to relax a bit over the week-end. xo


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