Thursday, August 18, 2011

cheers to the weekend...

Florence, Italy by encinocathi
Florence, Italy, a photo by encinocathi on Flickr.

We are winding up our 10 day holiday where it all started in London!  It has been nothing less than MAGNIFICENT, and I will tell you all about it when I get home and get all my photos downloaded.  Yesterday we took a BEAUTIFUL train ride from Rome to Florence and enjoyed the day so much! (I think we need to spend a bit more time there though!) The weather was very very hot/humid in Florence. Rome had very warm weather too, but a bit more bearable and today when we flew into London, I was loving the fact that it was a little cooler and sprinkling - as I haven't had a chance to wear my jacket and scarf all vacation!  We have met some fabulous people from all over the world and had the best time getting to know them all!  We actually had someone at our hotel in London that lives 15 minutes from us, in Florence we met a father and son that are from the London area that follow the same soccer team as we do, and a lady that is from the same town that my mom lives in - such a small fabulous world!



Simone said...

Stunning Cathi, aren't you glad I made you go there LOL!!! I hope the train worked out fine :)

Looks like you have the same beautiful weather as us!

Have the most fabulous time my friend XX

Mademoiselle Poirot said...

What a beautiful picture! I'm happy that your holiday is going so well. London is indeed "a bit" cooler today - I've been freezing! Just don't try using the trains in this country ;-) xo

Adrienne said...

I am thrilled to hear you are having such a wonderful time.
I was in Rome last October and it was quite hot then too...and muggy.

Can't wait to read about your trip! xo, A

Jacqueline said...

Oh Cathi,
You have been to one of my favourite cities ....Florence. We have been a few times and, I was editing some of my photos of the Duomo yesterday.
You sound as if you have had the most wonderful time. Keep enjoying yourselves and tell all when you return. XXXX

A Tale of Two Cities said...

Sounds like you had a fabulous time--can't wait to hear all about it!

Lori said...

Have a safe trip home ~ I cannot wait to see your photos and hear your stories. xo

Sienna said...

your holiday sounds wonderful, florence is beautiful!


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