Wednesday, August 24, 2011

moving slowly....

I am having a super busy week at work and outside of work, and I am still completely exhausted.  I have been trying to go to bed as early as possible to get some much needed rest!  This is a photo from my train on the way to Florence from Rome - isn't it pretty!!  I will start posting some photos from my trip this weekend. I hope everyone is having a FANTASTIC week!  I can't believe how fast this summer has zoomed on by!  I am enjoying every last bit of it and I hope you are too!



Adrienne said...

I remember that awful jet lag I had after my trip to Italy last year. It took me and my husband about 9 days to finally feel back to normal. I had zero jet lag while I was over there. I guess I saved it all for when I got home, which is my preference anyway.
I hope you get your energy back soon. I am really looking forward to your stories and pics. xo, A

Jacqueline said...

I love going by train in's so easy and such lovely countryside.
Looking forward to your photos Cathi. XXXX


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