Monday, September 5, 2011

It's not Rome, but....

In an effort to snap myself out of a bit of funk today, i took myself on a little field trip.  While I was exploring I came upon this lovely small park - it reminded me of Rome!

And nearby was this lovely walking path,
which actually goes almost 2 miles - it was just
what I needed to put that extra skip in my step again!

I have been having computer troubles, which is why
I have not posted my Rome photos - I see a nice brand new computer
in my future - it's like having car problems, not fun at all!

Aside from that, I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!
Cheers to the week ahead - let's make it fabulous!


Kristin said...

What a beautiful place. It sure reminds of Rome - fountains everywhere!Happy Tuesday!

Love, Rome

Lori said...

This spot is gorgeous Cathi ~ a perfect place for a walk. Computer problems suck ~ hope this week treats you well my friend. xo

Christina said...

hi friend!
are you going to get a apple computer? ; )


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