Thursday, November 3, 2011

cheers to the weekend....

My weekend to do list:

Going on a road trip with Stephanie to No Cal
Attending a wedding of a family member
That means lots of dancing
and most likely embarassing my kids
but I can't help myself....haha..
Having lots of laughs with my family -
my sister and I always find something
to laugh hysterical about - usually
it's a memory of something silly
Giving lots of hugs to everyone 
Sharing a nice relaxing meal with
my son Matt & his wife Heather
(Good times!)
Watching little Mason crawl around
(he has just mastered this one)
Can't wait to see little Mia 
the last time I saw her
she was one day old
(she has changed quite bit)
Enjoying each moment

Life is short - Live like you mean it!


Christina said...

do you know what i find most beautiful about this post?
it's that i feel like i know your family... and for that i must thank you.
i send you love, my friend. dance and dance again. ; )

Anonymous said...

Have fun! Dance like a crazy woman. I know you can! xxoo


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