Sunday, November 27, 2011

it's beginning to look alot like....

I hope everyone had a fabulous Thanksgiving.  Ours was very nice and delicious with great company, but boy oh boy was I tired afterwards.  I just knew I would sleep well that night and did I ever!  Being the insomniac that I am it was so needed.

I skipped the whole Black Friday shopping thing - instead I opted for a 15 minute drive out to a suburb, I am not super familiar with and walked around a lake, stopped in at a bookstore/cafe, had a fab cinnamon scone and cappuccino while sitting next to a window facing a gorgeous water fountain and doing some people watching and enjoying the Christmas decorations.

In my car, I have two Christmas CD's that I used to always start playing in October - much to the embarassment of my then high school daughter, as I had all of her friends in the car.....I sure miss those times!  But I so enjoy singing along to these songs while driving in the car!

My guy was out of town yesterday and today, so I puttered around the house doing a bit of  holiday decorating, I plan to be very low key this year in that department - simple is perfection for me. I enjoyed perusing Vicki Archer's French Essence and My French Life book's, watched a few movies, rearranged some pictures in my living room and kitchen and just enjoyed a low key, relaxing weekend while sipping on my baileys and coffee - yum!

Here's hoping this week bring lots of
good health, happiness and joy to us all!

Psst: Check out Simone's blog The Bottom of the Ironing Basket's wellness and wellbeing posts for the month of November.  Loads of great ideas and inspiration.  I sent her some of my favorite quotes on this very subject.  Thanks Simone!
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Adrienne said...

That sounds like a lovely way to spend a couple of days - reading, movies, going for a walk and a drive.
I am thankful Thanksgiving it behind us for now and that the Christmas season is upon us.

xoxo, A

Lori said...

Wow ~ sounds perfect Cathi. I too did some decorating and this coming week-end I will pretty everything up and start my baking. I had my Christmas cd's on and was dancing and singing on Saturday ~ love this time of year! xo

Anonymous said...

Nice! I stayed away from the crowds, too. Let the Christmas music begin! xxoo

Red Boots said...

That sounds like my idea of heaven. Lots of good food, and then avoiding the crowds and doing something for yourself! x

A Tale of Two Cities said...

How perfectly relaxing--sounds like a perfect kick-off for the holiday season. Hope it's full of joy!


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