Monday, January 23, 2012

the best things....

I spotted Dana Tanamachi, a chalk artist on a blog last week and was instantly smitten with her work.  Who knew there was more to chalk art than on a sidewalk?  She has definitely taken this to a wonderful & fun level.  Imagine my surprise when at the grocery store a few days later,I came across Oprah's magazine and I was drawn to the art on the cover and voila, it was Dana Tanamachi!  If you haven't already check out her work on her website - it's fabulous!  There is something about colorful chalk that makes me smile, it reminds me of my chalk artist days drawing flowers, and stick people and the famous hopscotch squares on the sidewalk!

(photos via here)


Jacqueline @ HOME said...

Hi Cathi,
I LOVE her chalk drawings. I find it so clever as well. I was always arty at school, but I found chalk and pastels quite difficult to work with. I am always amazed and gob-smacked ( an English term !!) when I see the pavement artists in Florence. They draw all of the great works nearly as good as the originals, on a pavement in chalk! I walk past them open-mouthed !!
Hope you and your family are all well. Sorry that I've missed some of your posts lately. We seem to have been rather busy helping our children move, paint and babysit for them !!
Oh and your blog is looking beautiful.
Much love, XXXX

Lori said...

Chalk has sure come a long way since we were kids! These are incredible Cathi ~ once again ~ thank you for posting and bringing this artist to my attention! xo

Andi said...

These are fabulous, I didn't know it was an artform onto itself, I mean I have seen street artists, but when you put all the photos together you can really see a style, etc. It is very clean looking, I like it!

tracy said...

Oh wowza! Nice. xxoo

A Tale of Two Cities said...


French Heart said...

Loved this post (all your post are Fab!)

When living in Santa Barbara--the annual Santa Barbara Mission Italian Street Painting festival was a highpoint. Chalk artists perform miracles of charm and verve. Loved discovering this artist on your site. Thank you!!


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