Friday, January 27, 2012

cheers to the weekend....

My juice detox lasted 5 days.  While I was hoping to go for the full 7 days, my other half arranged a business dinner with clients and I felt it best if I ate something - though it was light fare.  I learned alot from this experience, and I am still drinking the juice twice daily with a yummy late night hot cinnamon freshly juiced apple drink that is divine!  I found that I am not missing my coffee at all and am really thinking about what I am putting in my mouth, so it was a fabulous learning tool!

Last night, Sally and I went to a play at Pepperdine University called Forbidden Broadway, a satirical look at Broadway shows and so so wonderfully funny - the actors were WONDERFUL and their voices were OUTSTANDING!  We shared a nice VERY HEALTHY pre theater dinner at a quaint Italian restaurant in Malibu and had some nice girlfriend catch up time together!

Tomorrow I am off to see my elderly friends and discuss life, movies and the goings on around the assisted living home - so looking forward to it!

Our weather this week has been very strange from very very windy and cold earlier in the week, to summer like weather yesterday and today a mix of wind and sun, but the best part of this week is IT'S FRIDAY!!!  YIPPEE!

Thank you for your kind comments, you are appreciated very much!



Simone said...

Well done Cathi, 5 days is great - and the benefits are such that you feel it for a long time afterwards don't you? I loved the hot apple and cinnamon too.

Happy Week-end! XX

PS LOVE your new blog header, it really looks lovely :)

tracy said...

Wow, 5 days, great job! I don't know if anything could make me not miss coffee though! xxoo

Lori said...

Good for you ~ you lasted a lot longer than I would have! Your outing sounds like it was the best ~ love me some girlie time too. Have a fabulous week-end sweet friend. xo


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