Tuesday, January 10, 2012

feeling cozy....

This is one of those weeks where I just want
to curl up with a good book, a coffee, chocolate
and a warm blanket and relax.  Despite the pretty
nice weather we have been having, that nasty cold
bug has invaded our home, so a bit of rest and 
relaxation is definitely the best tonic this week.

Have a peaceful day!


Anonymous said...

Thank you Cathi, yes Antwerp really has beautiful streets. Maybe I should share more of them on my blog.

I hope you shake off that cold! Love the mood in the photos of your post ;-)

Jacqueline @ HOME said...

Beautiful images Cathi and I, too would love to be ensconsed in a blanket on a comfy chair sipping some lovely hot beverage !!.....in fact, I think that I might do that later today !!
Have a lovely week Cathi and thanks so much for your lovely comment. Much love. XXXX

Gigi Thibodeau said...

I could so curl up in that pretty chair with some coffee and chocolate and a good book! Hope you're feeling better soon, my friend. We've managed to keep colds at bay so far this winter, but we're in for a big storm tonight, so it looks like I'll get to have a cozy day tomorrow! Better stock up on chocolate today . . .

xoxo Gigi

Lori said...

Getting sick sucks doesn't it! I truly love your idea of the book, coffee, chocolate and a blanket ~ consider me there! Take care Cathi ~ hope that bug leaves soon. xo


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