Monday, February 6, 2012

Eight Things - Week # 1

Each Monday, I am going to feature Eight
Things that I have enjoyed around the blogosphere
during the week and my hope is that you will too!

Rachel Ashwell's inspirational post about "Enjoying Our Dreams". 

"Word Up" by Lisa at A Bloomsbury Life will make you smile.

Christina at Soul Aperture's "Twenty Four"  love story will make
your heart swell and possibly shed a tear or two. Very sweet!

Latte Lisa has quite a few fabulous recipes and this Apple and Chocolate Muffin sounds so delicious to me! P.S. Steff and I made
a veggie chili from her food blog Kitchen and Aroma - yummy!

My French County Home has a tale of the perils of living in a small French village called Crisis in the Chicken Coup.

The always humourous Jenny Mac from Let's Have a Cocktail gives us tips on "How to be a good air traveler" - very funny!

If you have any interesting blog posts that you'd like to pass on, definitely drop me a line at

Happy Monday!

(photo via here)


Anonymous said...

Funny, today I borrowed a photo from your gorgeous travel post and linked to you and then I come here to find a link to my blog ;-)

Now I have to find the time to view all the other links you shared.

I'm glad to hear you enjoyed the veggie chilli. It's quite often on our table.

Lori said...

What a great idea Cathi ~ hope to fin time tonight to sit down and do some reading! Happy Monday. xo

Talia said...

I love this idea. What a great post. Loved visiting!

christina said...

i am so happy to be included in your sweet list. i am off to visit the others now.

Christy said...

Grazie mille for linking up this week, I am so glad you found my blog and now I have found yours!

I have loved reading your entries and look forward to reading more! The design is also bellissima!

Hugs from Florence, Italy
Ciao christy!


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