Monday, February 20, 2012

scenes from my weekend...

Our weekend consisted of parties for two special men in our family. A one year old little man named Mason and his great grandpa Mariano that turned 100. We sat around the kitchen table listening to and telling stories, had a sing along around the piano, gave lots of hugs and kisses, especially to the little ones, played in barns made out of washing machine boxes, laughed, cried, ate and then ate some more, slept very little and had two days of fun. Very simple and very special family time that we will always cherish.  How many 100 year old birthday parties do people get to go to?  This was my first and although I have known Mariano for 45 years, I learned alot about his life this weekend and am very grateful that I did. I hope you had a fun family filled weekend too!

Have a fabulous day!


Simone said...

How much fun does that little house look?!

I bet Mariano has some stories to tell :)

What a lovely week-end!! X

Jacqueline @ HOME said...

What a wonderful time you all must have had Cathi.
My Grandmother lived to 96, my Dad 91 and my Great Aunt 99 so we just missed out on a 100th birthday. It must have been so special for you all.
....and, of course Masons 1st birthday too. Our grandson is one in April so we have that to look forward to.
As Simone says, Mariano must have quite a few tales to tell. I love listening to stories from the older generation....they have so much to tell.
It was lovely to hear how it all went. XXXX

tracy said...

It looks like it was great fun, cathi. Wow, from 1 to 100 - what a special day.

Sherry said...

from 1 to 100 -- that's very special and doesn't happen too often.

Relyn said...

That's just marvelous. I bet the two are enthralled with each other.

christina said...

this is so very beautiful! i couldn't help but tear up.
such a lovely way to celebrate life.

Lori said...

What a great week-end you had ~ I knew your little man was turning 1 but to celebrate 100 years with another ~ that is the best. xo

rooth said...

Wow, what a fab birthday party! I'm glad you guys did it in style


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