Wednesday, May 23, 2012

my life lately....

My life lately has been filled with
quite a bit of lovely sunshine, which
makes me want to get out and ride my
bike alot more and enjoy the outdoors,
whether it be sitting at the park, in my backyard,
 walking or hanging out at my fave cafes. 

After work three times a week,
I have been going to Yoga Class
and enjoying de-stressing the work
day away.  The class I took last night
has a huge window and while we were all
winding the day away, we were treated to
a gorgeous beautiful!

I have had some fun lunches with Alex and our friends, dinner out with my girlfriend and our daughters, drinks with another fab friend and just enjoying the everyday that life has to offer.

Alex is going on his annual guy trip this
weekend, so one of my very best friends is
taking a beautiful coastal train ride down to come
hang out with me and have some good old
fashioned girlfriend fun - I am so excited!

Enjoy.each.moment, friends!


Lori said...

The sunshine just makes everything better doesn't it! Have a blast this week-end with your girlfriend and thank you for your wonderful comments today ~ hugs and love to you right back! xo

Jacqueline @ HOME said...

There's nothing nicer than spending quality time with friends and family is there Cathi ? Sounds as if you have been having a great time and more good times to come when your friend comes to stay.
We have had so much rain over the last few weeks but, we are now enjoying high temperatures. We were at The Chelsea Flower Show yesterday and it was SO hot !!
Keep enjoying the good times Cathi !! XXXX

Sherry said...

Cathi, you are making the most of this beautiful time of year. Enjoy this weekend with your friend!

Mrs. Sutton said...

Sounds perfect! Have a wonderful time. Paula x

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a really good life, cath! I don't know why you can't comment on my blog. Sorry! I will let you know when we decide to come for a visit. When are you going on vacation? xxoo

Catherine Robinson said...

Thank you for dropping by my blog Cathi...I'm a yoga lover too...beautiful're on my reading list ;-)

Relyn said...

It sounds as though you are spending your time very, very well.

A Tale of Two Cities said...

Can you do that yoga pose? I'd be really impressed!!

Enjoy the holiday weekend...

Cherry Blossoms said...

Your yoga sessions sound lovely. I tend to go on Sundays and the yoga room at my gym is dingy and I feel as if I am working out on a dark, sweaty man cave.

northsidefour said...

What a lovely synopsis of beautiful days. Enjoy your weekend!


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