Monday, August 6, 2012

weekend recap....

I had a fabulous weekend with my mom and sis, we even
ended up extending our stay an extra night.  That meant
getting up at 5 am this morning and driving 2/12 hours
to get to work on time - but I made it and the great part
was there was NO TRAFFIC!!  Shocking! :)

The highlights of our weekend:

laughing all weekend with my mom & sis

late nights and early morning lounging

walking around some cool beach towns

eating at some delicious restaurants - a

few eclectic yet tasty places: an Italian

cafe that reminded me so much of Rome.

A quaint little place called the Honeymoon

Cafe, trying some yummy beignets at

the Big Sky Cafe and last but not least

a super delicious meal at Novo - creekside

dining, baby!  It was such a nice night and

Steff and her boyfriend Tyler happened

to be driving thru San Luis Obispo

 from their quick trip

up north and stopped in and had

dinner with us there  - a super surprise!

We didn't make it in time to a cute

place called Batch - it's a make your

own ice cream sandwich place - maybe

next time, as there definitely will be one!

Last but not least the ever famous

Bubblegum Alley - which is quite

a popular yet strange attraction,

as it's a small alley that is filled with

used bubble gum all over the brick

walls, people have gotten quite

creative over the years with their gum. 

It was started in 1960 - so it's pretty

decorated now.  The whole

time I was walking thru, I was

telling everyone not to touch

the walls.....haha....

San Luis Obispo was

named the happiest town

in the USA last year, I can

definitely understand why!

I am as tired as can be, but had

a great time with my mom and sister!

Have a exceptional day, everyone!



tracy said...

It sounds wonderful, cath! I wonder if the chewing gum lost it's flavor? ;-)

Lori said...

What a great time you had Cathi ~ although I knew that you would! Bubblegum alley sounds like quite the place ~ I will have to google pic it! Get some rest and enjoy the week. xo

Anonymous said...

that sounds like the perfect weekend ;-)

A Tale of Two Cities said...

That does sound like a Happy Place! I love the idea of a making your own ice cream sandwich!


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