Monday, September 3, 2012

busy as a bee around here...

Hello September. I'm still trying to figure
out where August went.  It has been pretty
busy around these parts lately here are a
few highlights of the last week or so:

Steff and I headed up to her new town
to find her a place with 3 new friends.

Thinking all was well with the place they
found, I decided to take a nice long train
ride home.  It was wonderful - I sat with
a very nice family from London in the dining
car and we had a nice chat for a few hours.

A short time later I received a call from Steff
that the place had fallen thru - 
however, the 3 new friends sprung into action
 and worked together and by Friday
they had a new home(and it is
very close to the school which makes
me happy happy happy!)

So after a weekend of packing up Steffs life
we are heading up tomorrow to move her into her
new place - it's exciting and sad all in one!

My friend Sally told everyone two weeks ago that her and
her guy had decided to get married this weekend and they put together a gorgeous intimate wedding in that short time.  It was out in their beautiful yard and the guests were their kids, family and a couple friends.  It makes me happy to see them both so happy, as I met Sally right when her husband was fighting leukemia and sadly he lost his battle 7 years ago.  Her new husband lost his first wife 20 years ago to breast cancer when his children were very very young and he has been both mom and dad to them. It was such a joyful day for everyone!

Alex and I are going to be empty nesters and that definitely will take some getting used to - ah the seasons of life!

And last but not least, today is my niece Christy's birthday
and I thought I'd share a photo of little Mason gifting his
mama with some pretty flowers!

Have a beautiful week!

Smile at a stranger!


(photos via here)


Simone said...

Lots of lovely things happening Cathi, that's good to hear :)

Thank goodness Steff was able to find a new place so quickly, phew!!

Hope you are well :) XX

Lori said...

So glad to hear that Steff found a place ~ isn't it amazing what can happen when everyone jumps in to help. So glad to hear about Sally ~ to find love again ~ it is a wonderful thing. With being empty nesters you can dance naked around the house again!! lol Have a fabulous week sweet friend. xo

A Tale of Two Cities said...

Happy that all is going well for you...


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