Monday, December 10, 2012

perfect timing....

Tonight I went to visit a very good friend of mine who
is in the hospital. As I was driving home,
I was reflecting on my friendship with her.  She's always
been there for me in good times in my life and some very
hard times too.  When she didn't think I was making good
decisions, she always told me her opinions - she has ALOT
of those and I love her for that and at times could have lived
without them...haha....but what I have always respected her
for is, she tells you what she is thinking and feeling and
doesn't sugar coat it either....we all need friends like that
don't you think?

I'll be honest, I was feeling very down when I left the hospital,
as she is one of those invincible friends that you think
nothing is ever going to happen to her.  I was thinking how
very very grateful that she is in my life and remembering alot
of fun fun times we have had over these last 12 years. 
So many laughs, I tell ya........

As I opened my mailbox and noticed I had a package (which I had
completely forgot I ordered) I opened it up and there it was, my
shiny new bracelet with the word GRATEFUL on it.  I chose that
word, as that is how I feel - grateful for the life, love and friendships
that I have.  I just burst into tears when I saw it as it was perfect timing
and just what I needed to see at this very moment in time.

GRATEFUL AND THANKFUL for all of my friendships.



Jacqueline @ HOME said...

That is what you call a real friend Cathi and I hope that she is on the mend very soon.
A lovely bracelet and the perfect sentiment always but especially at this time of year. Much love to you. XXXX

Sherry said...

I love how the universe answers our needs, questions and desires at exactly the moment we need them...your bracelet arriving when you were feeling such gratitude? Just one of those lovely examples. Sending some healing thoughts to your friend in the hospital. xo

A Tale of Two Cities said...

I have a friend who reminds me of your friend--always honest, always forthcoming, genuine, and most of all loving. We are blessed by our friendships, indeed!

Lori said...

Ahh Cathi ~ sending you a big hug. xo

Anonymous said...

Well said, Cathi. That's exactly how I feel about her too. Having a hard time understanding this. Maybe I need to get one of those bracelets! xo tracy

Young at Heart said...

oh how very lovely!!

Ana Cooks said...

Friendas are the family we choose! ;)

corine said...

I agree with Ana. Keep her close by. Sometimes difficult things in our lives and the world help us focus on experiencing gratitude for what we have.


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